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Experienced ergonomists


Designed for balance


Our philosophy is that you should feel well both when you’re working and when you’re not. That’s why each product labelled Designed with balance has been designed or selected in consultation with experienced ergonomic specialists.

How you put stress on your body when working will always have repercussions. It may manifest in your performance, your mood or how you feel long after you’ve finished working. 

By allowing all our products to pass through a filter of ergonomic knowledge, we want to create the conditions for as many positive by-products as possible. To create a balance that enables good performance and a positive mood and that leaves your body feeling good.

Our ergonomic specialists look at how products can contribute to healthy working postures, movements, and provides opportunities for variation. What’s more, our sound ergonomists review acoustic properties to reduce sonic load.

 Since ergonomics is an important topic, we’ve chosen to limit ourselves to the areas where our furniture and accessories can add practical value (working posture, sound and aesthetics). Then we can confidently say that what we put our label on is designed for balance.

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